Privacy Policy

“Your health record must also contain enough information to allow another Doctor to care for you. Your Doctor will only collect information which is relevant to your medical care. If you are uncertain as to why information is being requested. please ask your Doctor

How is your Personal Health Information used in this practice?

  • At Cranbrook Medial personal health information is used to provide quality care for all patients.
  • To provide referrals to other health professionals involved in your health care (e.g. Specialists. dieticians. physiotherapists. etc.).
  • After discussion with you. your Doctor will write a letter to the relevant Health Care Provider. This referral will be sent via fax or electronically.

If you have any concerns about this, please discuss them with your Doctor.

  • To send you recall letters – for reviews of results. reminders for follow ups. etc.;
  • To request medical tests (e.g. x-rays, blood tests. etc.).
  • For billing purposes;
  • For quality assurance. research & training purposes – you would be notified of any plans to do this & further consent would need to be obtained.”


January 2021

The following information aims to explain clearly how personal information about you & your health is recorded & managed in this practice.

Your Personal Health Information

Information is called “”Personal Health Information”” if it concerns your health. medical history. past or future medical care and if someone reading it would be able to identify you.

This practice follows the “”Privacy and managing health information in general practice”” developed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

This means that Cranbrook Medical has a fundamental role in ensuring the privacy of all patient information. The approach used in the Code is consistent with the provisions of Federal & State Privacy Legislation. This practice has a written policy on personal health information. which is available for you to read – see reception.

Why do we need your Personal Health Information?

The main reason we collect information from you is so we can assess. diagnose & treat your illnesses properly. & to be pro-active in your health care. Every patient of this practice has an individual health record which contains their personal health information. This practice aims to ensure your records do not contain offensive or irrelevant comments about you. that they are accurate. comprehensive. well-organised. legible & up to

Who will have access to your Personal Health Information?

To provide continuity of care. all doctors in this practice have access to your medical records. Other staff members have restricted access for administration purposes. On occasion we have medical students on placement: In that case. you would be notified & given the opportunity to decline their access to your records/consultation.

If you have any concerns about this, please discuss it with your Doctor.

Your Doctor will not disclose your Personal Health Information to a third party unless:

  • You have consented to the disclosure: or this disclosure is necessary because you are at risk of harm without treatment & you are unable to give consent. (e.g. You might be unconscious after an accident):
  • Your Doctor is legally obliged to disclose the information. (e.g. notification of certain infectious diseases or suspected child abuse. or a subpoena
    or court order);
  • The information is necessary to obtain Medicare payments or other insurance rebates;
  • There is an overriding public interest in the release of the information.
  • In any of the above cases only information which is necessary to achieve the objective will be provided.

Accessing patient Health Information?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individual’s health information and is available to all Australians. Healthcare providers authorised by their healthcare organisation can access My Health Record to view and add patient health information. Through the My Health Record system. you can access timely information about your patients such as shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispense records, pathology and diagnostic imaging reports, and immunisation information.”